Events Coming Soon at The Old Bakery!

This August we will be holding a fun Gin Tasting. It will take place in the middle of the month on a Sunday afternoon. We will be featuring gins from our wonderful friends at Warner Edwards. The event will feature tastings from their imaginative range of gins and culminate in a special Gin Cocktail! Full details will be sent out in The Old Bakery Bulletin, so if you are not on our mailing list sign up and make sure you don’t miss out.

We are planning to hold our second beer week which last time lasted 10 days. This time the featured region will be the Black Country. Our beer experts are already scouring the area for their best beers which will be a difficult task given the excellent range of beers that emanate from the Black Country. It is planned to hold this event in the middle of September, further information will follow.

A Rum Tasting is planned for this month. Like Gin, Rum is experiencing a substantial growth in popularity due to the wide range of Rums in different colours and tastes now available.

This month will see the return of our popular Whisky Tasting event. We have yet to identify a theme for this tasting but are confident the event will offer some interesting examples of this ever popular spirit.

We thought a Wine Tasting would be appropriate this month giving you the chance to discover some new wines for you to enjoy over Christmas. We will enlist the help of our excellent wine suppliers Berkmann Wines to ensure you have the opportunity to sample new and different wines.

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