CAMRA ‘Best Pub of the Year’ for the 4th Year!

We are proud to announce we have just been recognised by the Coventry & District branch of CAMRA as The Warwickshire Area pub of the Year 2019. This, following success in 2016, 2017 and 2018! It is the first time Coventry & District CAMRA have awarded the honour 4 years in a row.

The award is testament to the care bar owner Alan Blackburn, cellar and barman Chris Harding and the dedicated team of bar staff, take to source and serve some of the finest ales the region has to offer. With an ever-changing selection of beers on tap there is a taste for everyone – and the bar staff are keen to share their knowledge with those wanting to try something different.

CAMRA branch chairman, Mike Tierney, praised the quality of the cask beer produced locally by a wealth of local independent breweries and The Old Bakery’s dedication in supporting and promoting them. In this day and age of cheap beers, mass produced and served slopped across sticky pub-chain bars it is nice to know there is still a place you can go for a “proper pint served properly”.